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Classes begin Wednesday, February 15th 6:00 p.m.














The Book of Daniel:  Keeping the faith in troubling times
Leader:  Jim Motes

10 Week Study
No material costs
room:  se202

Daniel was in a place not of his choosing and serving a King imposed on him. The food and culture were different from what he was accustomed. Even the gods were different. What was he to do? He could of easily just went along and blended in but he chose not to concede his faith. The book of Daniel contains a set of stories that encourage and challenge a person of faith. Join us as we examine the faith Daniel was depending upon and how his faith sustained him.


Is This The end?  Signs of God's providence in a disturbing new world
Leader:  francis crowder

10 Week Study
No material cost
room:  se105

Over the last few decades, Dr. David Jeremiah has become one of the world’s most sought-after Christian leaders on topics that deal with biblical application and modern culture. And few would dispute that the pace at which things are currently changing is unprecedented. The time has come to accept this new normal, Jeremiah says, and understand how God’s hand is still at work on His eternal plan for mankind.

Includes detailed chapters on:

  • Terrorism
  • ISIS and Radicalized Islam
  • The New Russia
  • the Bleeding of America's Borders
  • The "Anything Goes" Society
  • Polarization and Divisiveness
  • The Coming of Christ


How We got The Bible
Leader:  Dr. Don Cox

8 Week study
Material Cost:  $10.00
Room:  SE 102

Scripture is the source of Christian doctrine---but what is the Bible’s origin? Get an accessible, factual account of how the world’s most influential book was compiled, preserved, and transmitted to today’s generation.  Learn about the first materials used to write down the words of Scripture. Uncover the facts of some of history’s most fascinating
archaeological discoveries, including those of the Sinaitic Manuscript, the Oxyrhynchus Papyri, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Travel through history, from Jerome to Tyndale and beyond, as Dr. Cox discusses the origin, transmission, and translation of the Bible.




Understanding the Lord's Prayer
LeaderS:  Larry Stone & Chase Stone

8 week study
No materials cost
Room se 203

Do you ever wonder what God expects from our prayers? Do you ever get bored with prayer?  Well, over the next 8 weeks we want to help you become more energetic, passionate, and excited about prayer in your personal life by giving you some clear direction. Prayer isn’t so much about the words coming from your mouth, but the content of your heart. Fancy words nor exorbitant amounts of time are necessary for a healthy prayer life. Jesus gave us the perfect example to follow and it consists of only 65 words…but it says all we need to say. Join us as we take a closer look at the Lord’s prayer, and get a better understanding of how simple prayer can really be.


Jesus Among other gods
Leaders:  Claude Willis & Joel Gray

8 week study
No materials cost
Room:  SE 201

In a world with so many religions, why Jesus?
We are living in a time when you can believe anything, as long as you do not claim it to be true. In the name of tolerance, our postmodern culture embraces everything from Eastern mysticism to New Age spirituality.  But as Ravi Zacharias points out, such unquestioning acceptance of all things spiritual is absurd. All religions, plainly and simply, cannot be true.

Jesus Among Other Gods provides the answers to the most fundamental claims about Christianity, such as:

  • Aren't all religions fundamentally the same?
  • Was Jesus who he claimed to be?
  • Can one study the life of Christ and demonstrate conclusively that He was and is the way, the truth, and the life?