Day 7: Read Matthew 15-16

"ARE YOU A HYPOCRITE?" these are the words I heard stem from my friend's mouth a few years ago. He was a student pastor, and the current series he was teaching through was discussing being a hypocritical Christian. Is that even possible? Should it be possible? 

So, I now flip that question to you. ARE YOU A HYPOCRITE?

Matthew 15 and 16 tie so beautifully together. They show us as Christians what should be our confession: Christ, Matthew 16:15. They show us how we should truly live our lives: truly for Jesus and remembering the gospel, 16:24-25. Yet they also show us how we can fail as well: letting Satan enter the picture, Matthew 16:23. 

Then it gets even worse. Jesus straight up calls out the people who seem to be the most spiritual, the most religious, the most put together on the outside. Read Matthew 15:1-9 again. Do you get the picture? Do you see it yet? These are the men who are supposed to know the Scripture better than almost any other Jewish person. These are the men who supposedly keep all the commandments. These are the hardcore religious people, and Jesus in Matthew 15:8-9 calls them out by quoting what Isaiah said hundreds of years before. Jesus doesn't let them answer the question "ARE YOU A HYPOCRITE?." He answers the question for you.

So...what does your life say about you? Are you living more like the Pharisees, a hypocritical life? If you are repent, turn away from your sin, talk to someone about what is going on, but more than anything else remember the gospel. Remember that Jesus lived, bled died, and bore your sins so you don't have to live in bondage to them. You are free. You are his child. 

Andrew Barnes