Day 8: Read Matthew 17-18

There are so many wonderful texts that we could take more of an in-depth look at in these two chapters, with so much of these two chapters from Jesus' in own mouth. (The red text = Jesus said it himself.) Yet, we are going to look at two often overlooked verses in chapter 17. 

My buddies and I always seemed to come back to the same hypothetical question: "If you had one superpower what would it be?" Obviously, the usual super strength, telepathy, flight (my personal favorite, but think Angel and Archangel from X-Men), and controlling gravity would arise. 

Think about what Jesus did not know, since he was God. Now...think about what he did know. Your answers should be: 1. Nothing and 2. Everything. He is God. Now, with all of that in mind read Matthew 17:22-23 again. 

Did you read the last sentence a second time, "And they were greatly distressed?" Jesus tells those who were with him in Galilee that the Son of Man, i.e. himself, was going to be killed , but he would be raised on the third day. Jesus knew that coming to earth meant that he was going to die. He knew that the Savior, the Messiah, the Anointed One, meant death. 

Don't miss those two verses as you are reading them today. Don't think, "I already know this, so I can just skim these verse." Think deeply on these verses. Ponder the depths of the gospel and what it means for our every single day lives.  Think about the distress of those who were with him.

It is by his wounds that we are healed. It is by the blood of Jesus, and his resurrection, that we can repent, confess, and believe in him and be saved. It is because of this death and resurrection that we are adopted into the family of God. 


Andrew Barnes