It was a bright, sunny, yet frigid Sunday evening, and their sat little five-year-old Andrew Barnes in that overly warm Sunday School classroom. All of his fears were coming to fruition before his very eyes. He was going to have to stand in the pulpit. (Now I know you are probably thinking how could a 5 year-old take and preach, but just keep reading.) It was not a place he wanted to be, yet it was time for the children's choir to sing. What was he going to do? Then the answer came in the form of his gentle, kind, and strong father. He told Andrew, "Don't worry. Everything will be alright. Remember, you are not doing this just for you or me, but you are seeking to bring praise and glory to God himself."

"It is good for us that Christ has more love and tenderness in him than the best of his disciples."

Focus on Matthew 19:13-15 today, and notice the truth that is there. The people are drawn to Jesus, and these parents seek the best for their children. They seek for their children to be blessed, to be healed, to be held by Jesus himself. 

But what happens? The disciples, the best of the disciples, the apostles (minus Paul), were seeking to turn these people away. They didn't want them there for some reason. In all honesty they could have been seeking to take care of Jesus. They might have wanted to make sure that he did not overextend himself. Who knows? That is not the point. The point is that these great disciples tried to turn people away from Jesus.

When is the last time you turned people away from Jesus? You might be thinking, "Never. I have never told anyone not to come to church, not to follow Jesus, not to pray, or not to read their Bible." That all may be true, but what about your actions? What about the way you talk in general, about your church, about other people, about your student ministry?

Remember that the gospel is for all people to hear. Remember just as my father told me over twenty years ago that it is not all about me. Rather, our lives should seek to bring glory to him in everything that we do.

Andrew Barnes