Read Mark 6-7

So...if you've been around me before then you know that I love basketball. You also know that I love watching and playing basketball, and you know that I played on a church league team the last few years. However, I was not a supreme athlete, though I played with numerous ones, and I had the ball this one time, drove to the hoop, and this massive 6'9" guy came up a REJECTED my shot. 

What a feeling! Many of you know that feeling. Whether it's being rejected by a girl or guy. Whether it's being rejected by your friends. Whether it's an idea that is rejected in class. Or maybe it is like my story and your shot was rejected. We all know the feeling of rejection. 

Take and Read Mark 6:1-6 again. 

It's the story of Jesus teaching and healing in his hometown. These are the people who knew the three-year-old, the eleven-year-old, the twenty-sis-year-old Jesus. These people were family. These are the people who should believe and accept Jesus the most, but they did not. It say that "they took offense at him" in verse 3. 

So, what does Jesus do? Where does he turn to? Well...Jesus shows us how we should react, and we should react with love and kindness. We should not be bitter and vengeful. 

However, the only way we can act like this is if our beliefs are rooted. It says that Jesus went on teaching. What did he go on teaching. Look at our devotion on 1.24.16 titled "Enter In." Jesus tells us what he was preaching. He was preaching the gospel. He was preaching that the Messiah had come. 

What is it that you believe? Where are you grounded? Do you look at the gospel as a one time thing only when you are saved? Or is the gospel more? 

Be grounded in the truth of the Word of God. It influences more than just how you see God, but it also influences how you see yourself. It influences how you see others as important. It helps you know how to deal with rejection.

Andrew Barnes