Day 18: Don't Be Like Those Guys

Read Mark 11-13

One thing I always struggled with in school was not academics or extracurriculars, but rather it was authority to an extent. I would become frustrated at times with how classes were moving to slowly, or I would smart off to the teacher and not show grace when they made a mistake. Yet, at the same time I can still tell you today that I have fine relationships with all my former teachers, which is due to this one thing: they always put me in my place. 

Maybe you are the same way. Maybe you struggle with humility and thinking you know it all. Maybe you struggle with wanting more responsibility and freedom. Maybe you just want to be an adult and do things your way. 

Read Mark 11:27-33 again. I don't know if you have ever thought of the Bible to be humorous, but Mark is filled with humor. Just picture this scene with Jesus and all these priests, teachers, and elders. They are trying to trick him. They are trying to subvert his authority. He asks them one question, and they could answer it truly but they don't believe that answer. 

Don't be like these guys. What I have learned the older I have become is that the authority over me has my best interest at heart and in mind (for the most part). They cared deeply about me and what I was doing. This included my parents, teachers, employers, elder brothers, pastors, deacons, police officers, etc.

Jesus is the supreme example. He has all authority given from the Father, and he died on the cross for these men who were questioning him, for you, for me. He had their best interest in mind, but they could not see it. They were blind to it. Don't be blind to it. 

Andrew Barnes