Day 19: 2 Down. 2 To Go.

Read Mark 14-16

Coming here to live in Anderson 10 months ago was such a joy, and Kimberly and I are love being here, serving, and being cared for. Anderson is a great place, and Concord is family to us. Yet, there was one thing that many thought I might do, but quickly they came to realize that that was not the case. I'm pretty sure plenty of people wanted me to disown the University of Georgia and become a Clemson fan, or at the very least lessen my grip on my allegiance to UGA and sometimes cheer for Clemson. 

Read Mark 14:66-72. Mark 14 is the longest chapter in the gospel of Mark, and it is one of the longest in the gospels as a whole. Now, take and think about what is going on here. Jesus has been taken, arrested, and presented before the Sanhedrin. It is during this last point that the man who confessed Jesus as the Christ, as we read and discussed two day ago, who is one of Jesus' closest friends, blatantly disowns and denies knowing him three times. 

You might be thinking, "I would never do that," but what about your life. You might never deny Jesus with your lips, but what about your life? What you listen to, what you watch on t.v., who your closest friends are, how you speak, etc. should either confess Jesus as the Christ, the Savior, as God, or they will deny him. 

So...where are you at? What does your life confess?

Andrew Barnes