Day 32: Never Forget

Read Luke 22-24

Have you ever gotten in trouble with your parents or teachers for something you did not do? I am sure you remember several times throughout your life when this happened. When I was in 8th grade, one of my teachers gave me a lunch detention for talking in class (she was a pretty mean teacher), but I was not the one talking… the kid beside me was the one talking, not me. My teacher thought that I was the one who had interrupted the class. The kid beside me should’ve been the one who got lunch detention, not me by any means.

Now, these three chapters from Luke that you just read have so much in them. These three chapters that you read tell the Gospel. You just read about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I pray that these words from Luke sink deep into your hearts.

As I read the crucifixion account in Luke 23, I was reminded of the fact that you and I are the ones who deserve the death that Jesus suffered. You and I deserve death because of our sins. Christ paid for your sins and mine because of His love for us.

Love kept Jesus on the cross, not nails.

I want us to focus on Luke 23:13-25…

The crowd here in this text wanted Pilate to release this man (Barabbas) who had been thrown into prison for murder, but they wanted Jesus to be the one crucified. Did Jesus do anything wrong? No, of course not, but these people thought that Jesus was in the wrong.

Pilate granted the crowd’s demand by releasing Barabbas and by agreeing to have Jesus crucified. This was not right, was it?

You see, you and I are Barabbas. You and I are the ones who should suffer in death. You and I do not deserve Christ taking our place on the cross. You and I do not deserve grace. It is by grace we are saved (Ephesians 2:8-9). Because of Jesus’ love for us, He paid the ultimate price for us by being crucified for our sins.

Jesus did not just die on a cross; He died on our cross. Never forget that.

Andrew Barnes