Day 37: Where Is Your Faith?

Read John 5-6

After reading through John 5-6 we see accounts of how Jesus has fed 5,000 people with just 5 loaves and 2 fish.  Watching miracles after miracles, that is something that Jesus has been doing throughout his entire ministry.

Jumping over to Chapter 6, Verses 16-21. We see the first time that Jesus disciples truly get to the place where they have fear in their life. Here we see the disciples rowing through the sea, a bad storm rolls up and starts to worried, and frightened. THEN off all people they see Jesus walking on the water towards them. YES, Jesus, I don’t know about you but that would freak out, but as I sit here and think about the words that Jesus says is what we need to remember.” It is I, do not be afraid.”

If we live our life in fear, we will never be able to live a life to our fulfillment of what God has created us to do. While Yes, there are times in our lives where we will have fear, due to things that are way beyond our understanding and out of our hands. However, when we have those times in our lives, the rough patches, the things we can not control. IF we look to God, we have so much more on our side then anything life can throw at you. Like God said, Do not be afraid.

As you sit here and read this, I ask you Where is your faith? When things go bad, do you look to God or do you look to yourself. I am going to give you a little bit of insight. YOU can not do anything that God is supposed to take care of for you. He said do not be afraid, put your trust in me, in the good times but especially in the bad times. SoI repeat where is your faith? I pray that you trust in God and are not afraid of the fear because of the unknown, but embrace and trust in God and what he will do through you as you walk by faith.

Andrew Barnes