Day 41: The Stab In the Back Felt Around the World

Read John 13-14

If you have grown up in the world and dealt with people on a regular basis, then you will know how it feels about what I am about to explain. Like I stated, in todays society we interact with people on a daily basis, unless you live under a rock or never lave your house. At some point in your life you have told something to someone, and it come back to bite you. You could have also had someone tell you something and you go and tell people and then you stabbed your friend in the back because you told their secret. We know that feeling of stabbing someone in the back?

In John 13: 36-38. We see Jesus telling Peter that he will deny Jesus 3 times before the rooster would crow. Here we see Peter tell Jesus, no Lord that will not be I will lay down my life before you and for you. As we know from the remainder of the story, Peter did in fact deny Jesus three times even knowing that he was told that he would. I don’t know about you, but if I was in his boat, I think I would have done everything in my power to not even say a word knowing that was on my shoulders. The problem is, when the people around him turned on Jesus, he didn’t have it in him to stand and be bold. 

Once Peter denied him, Jesus looked at him, and Peter began to weep. Talk about the stab in the back of all time. I can’t imagine throwing the creator, the perfect Jesus, under the bus like Peter did. As quickly as I catch myself saying that I realize I do. We are just like Peter stabbing Jesus in the back. He did the ultimate sacrifice, giving us eternal life by taking our sins on the cross. So what more can we do to honor that, and give praise to his name by being bold in the places that are tough.

I pray for each and everyone of you, as you are going throughout your day that you never let your guard down, always striving to spread the light of Christ to the dark world, and most importantly standing up for your faith, proclaiming it and being bold in the precious gift that God has given us.


God Bless

Andrew Barnes