Day 24: The Greatest of the Three

Read Luke 7

Just one chapter today, though it may be long, and it is filled with a whole lot of goodness.

I have two older brothers, and no matter what we did it always became a competition. We competed against each other in sports. We competed against each other concerning who made the highest grades. We competed against each other on the super nintendo, dreamcast, playstation  for who was the greatest video gamer. That was it. We always wanted to determine who was the greatest no matter what. 

Read Luke 7:24-30. 

Jesus speaks about John the Baptist. John the Baptist was a baaad man (in a good way). Jesus says that from women there has been born no one greater. Meaning there were no Old Testament prophets better than John. He was the greatest of the greatest who came before him like Daniel, Ezekiel, Moses. 

Yet, before those words came out of his mouth he quoted Malachi 3:1. John the Baptist was the forerunner, and he knew it. He was cool with it. He knew that he was not the greatest, but he came into this world preparing the way for Jesus. He was preaching the message of repentance. He was preaching the message to prepare not the earth or the mind, but rather one's heart for the coming Messiah. 

I love what Jesus does here and what he does later on in the gospel when John, James, and really the rest of the disciples seek to know who the greatest disciple is. He pushes to the heart issue...What do we really believe about Jesus? Who is Jesus?

Is Jesus just a man to you, or does he influence your greatest passions and desires? Is Jesus so important to you that life is more about him than it is about you? Who is the greatest in your life? 

Andrew Barnes