Survey Plan: Day 10

So...we have made it through the first seven books of the Bible, and in all honesty the reading has been quite immense. However, we now come to the eighth book, Ruth. This is one of the most beautiful narratives and books found in the entire 66 book canon. 

Go ahead and read the whole thing. Soak it all up. Enjoy it. Notice all of the minute details. Read Ruth 1-4. 

Absolutely amazing, right? I personally think so. I remember sitting in my car after lunch one spring day in the parking lot behind the dentist office that I was employed at at the time. I remember pulling out this coffee stained Bible. It was beautiful. It was pretty, but no matter what it was still the Word of God. I opened it up to Ruth, and read the entire book before I stepped into the office. I was encapsulated by this one verse. 

Read Ruth 4:11 one more time. Did you catch that last sentence? Did you catch the last clause? The elders tell Boaz, this kinsman redeemer, " May you have standing in Ephrathah and be famous in Bethlehem." Bethlehem was the town of David. It was the place where Jesus was born, while Ephrathah refers to the members of the tribe of Judah, the tribe of David, the tribe of the Messiah.

Boaz was a kinsman redeemer. This means that he redeemed, restored, and preserved the full community rights of disadvantaged familial members, in this case the widows Naomi, and Israelite, and Ruth, a Moabite.

So, do you see it? Do you see these awesome connections? Do you see the fact that there was a kinsman redeemer to come, who comes from the family of Boaz, who is the perfect and final kinsman redeemer? Do you know him? Do you know Jesus?

Andrew Barnes