Survey Plan: Day 31


As for our Scripture today we are digging deep into the wisdom readings found in the Bible. So, we are jumping from Proverbs, which was more than likely written by King Solomon, to some more works of King Solomon. 

Go ahead and read Ecclesiastes 1-5 and 12. Now today you are also going to read the first two chapters of the book Song of Songs, or Song of Solomon.

Now go back and read Ecclesiastes 5:1-7 one more time. Focus specifically on verse 7. Do you notice that? Do you see the craziness of the statement? 

I had a professor one time in seminary discuss with our class the absurdity of the word awesome when used in normal contexts. Normally we throw around the word 'awesome' for things that are meaningless, and I am one of the worst at doing this. Yet my professor went on to say that the root word there is the word 'awe.' When we use this word are we standing in 'awe' at whatever we are using it for. 

The end of verse 7 says, "Therefore stand in awe of God." Do we stand in awe, wonder, amazement, thankfulness, eyes wide open before the Lord? Do we regularly remember the awesome grace that he lavishes upon us? 

Andrew Barnes