Survey Plan: Day 46

Hey Guys! I hope your day is going well. I know if you are in middle school you are happy for today to get done with. No more testing for a few more weeks. I know that if you are a senior, then you are desiring these next 2 weeks to fly by. And I do know that the rest of you are excited for the next couple of weeks to finish up pretty quickly/ 

Today though I want you to take and dive back into the Gospels with me. Today we are digging into Luke. 

Go ahead and read Luke 1-2 and 4-5

However, I want you to focus on Luke 4:1-13. Take a quick peak one more time. You might be thinking that this is a story that you know all too well. This is the story of the temptation of Jesus by Satan after he had been in the wilderness for 40 days. CRAZY!

What happens? Jesus is tempted three times, and each time he triumphs over Satan, with the quotation of Scripture being at the forefront each time. 

So...where are you in life? Are you struggling with sin? Are you struggling with something specific? I want to remind you that Jesus has been through temptation just like you are going through. He also reminds us specifically what we have to do. When you are tempted do not turn to yourself, to your own strength. Rather, turn to Scripture. Turn to the LORD. 

He will never fail you!

Andrew Barnes