Survey Plan: Day 24

I hope your day is going well, or maybe you are still asleep. Either way it is an absolutely glorious day. WE ARE HAVING THE GATHERING TONIGHT @ 6 PM IN THE BRICKHOUSE. BE THERE AND BRING A FRIEND!

Today we are digging into the book after Ezra, Nehemiah, and with this we are right at the 1/3 mark. You are doing awesome, so continue digging in deep. 

Join me in reading Nehemiah 1-2, 4, and 6 today. 

Take a look and read through chapter 1 again, and recognize the absolute broken emotion portrayed by Nehemiah. He loves his people, the Israelites, and it pains him to see them hurting and in pain. They are in a vast amount of trouble and disgrace, but it does not end there. No, Nehemiah also is told how the walls of Jerusalem have been broken down and even burned. 

Yet, look at this. Look at the response of Nehemiah. What does he do? 

He does the one thing that he can do. He goes to the Lord. He does to his God. He goes to our God in mourning, fasting, and in prayer. Is this what we do? Do we go to the Lord in our trouble? Do we go to the Lord in our good times? Do we go to the Lord for our friends, family, acquaintances, people we have not even met before (think about the missionary in Guatemala you may have heard about but never met)?

What do your responses look like?

Andrew Barnes