Survey Plan: Day 62

Hey Guys! I hope this Saturday is going well for you. As you are thinking through the day some of you might know this, but all of the Anderson University students are graduating today from 10:00 AM til 12 PM. So...spend some time praying for them today. Pray for the Lord to direct their paths. Pray for the Lord to give them wisdom in career decisions. Pray that the Lord provide for them. But more than anything else Pray that they seek to bring the Lord glory in everything that they do.

So, I want you to jump into a book today known as 1 Timothy. It is here that we see this older brother younger brother mentorship going on. Paul, the older brother in the faith, is giving pastoral and life counsel to Timothy, the younger brother. 

So, go ahead and read 1 Timothy 1 and 3

Andrew Barnes