Survey Plan: Day 66

Hey Guys! It is Wednesday! Which we means we have The Gathering tonight, and the Gathering is looking a little differently tonight. We are meeting in the Gym for a dodgeball tournament!! There will be pizza and drinks, so bring a friend!

As for what we are delving into today in the Word take a look with me at Hebrews 10-13. The online reading pdf is off by one day. 

Take a look at Hebrews 11 one more time. Read through it again. I have one big question for you: Do you have faith in Jesus?

I want you to think through that for a moment. If you have faith in Jesus awesome, and I want you to take and create a list for why you have faith in him!

If you do not have faith in Jesus, then ask yourself why not. Think about every single person in the book of Hebrews 11. Look at their faith, but then do not miss the most important point. God was faithful to them.

Andrew Barnes