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Summer Plan: Day 12

Andrew Barnes

Today is the last day of VBS. Pray that these little children hear the gospel clearly today. Pray for the words that come out of the teachers' mouths be what they need to hear. Pray that they lean on the Lord and his wisdom. 

So, you have made it through all of the reading of 1 Samuel for week 2, which means it is also Friday, and that means we are reading from Proverbs today! Eight more weeks to go.

Go ahead and read through the three Proverbs for today Proverbs 4-6. 

Now, as we read through these Proverbs I am reminded about a few things that Proverbs focuses on time and time again. They focus on wisdom a whole lot. They also focus on sin and going down the path of wickedness. 

Take and look back at Proverbs 4:14-15. Now, go back and read through Proverbs 4:25-26. I read through these verses, and the focus is specifically on how do you live your life? What path are you on? What sin is in your life, and are you just living with it? If you are, then you are tarrying on a path you do not want to be on. Verse 15 says to "Avoid it." "Do not go on it." 

Then we read ten verse later how do we do that. It says to keep your eyes forward. Keep your eyes straight. My dad always taught me to keep my eyes on the prize. If our prize is truly Jesus, then that is where our eyes will be. Our eyes will always be on him, and we will avoid those paths that lead to death.