Summer Plan: Day 13

It is once again time to read some psalms for the week, and today all three are written by David. As you read them notice how different they all are. Notice the emotions that David is flooding the page with. Notice how they are still the Word of God no matter what. 

Now, I have a completely different question for you: What do you think of when you think of majesty? What comes to mind when you think of majestic? 

To me a lot of things come  to my mind, but one of those that pops to the forefront is a painting. It is entitled "Kindred Spirits," and it was painted by Asher Durand in 1849. It is a beautiful painting, which once hung in the New York Public Library, depicting two men overlooking the Catskill mountains. It is phenomenal. 

However, then I come directly back to Psalm 8:1 and 9, which say, "O LORD, our Lord how majestic is your name in all the earth!" It is a simple sentence and verse that I challenge you to memorize, but the implications are deep and vital to know. 

Think about them. He is our Lord. He is our God. He is "I AM." He is not just a transcendent God, but he is personal and loving God, who desires a relationship with you and me. Then think about the majesty of God, and notice what is spoken of as majestic. It is his name that is majestic. Crazy, right? 

The technical definition of majestic in the English language is "having or showing impressive beauty or dignity." Is that not awesome? The name of God alone shows impressive beauty and dignity throughout the entire earth.

Meditate on that today. Think through God's beauty and dignity. Think through how amazing that he is. Think through how it extends throughout the entire earth.

Andrew Barnes