Summer Plan: Day 23

Good Morning! I hope everyone is enjoying the Tuesday and all it has to offer today. We are still having our $5 Tuesday today from 12-2, and we are meeting in the Brickhouse. 

Today we are still reading from 1 Samuel, and this story is not as famous as yesterday's. However, this is a phenomenal piece from the Word of God. So, come in today with a mindset that we want to learn from the Word of God. We want to grow. We want to know more. 

Today we are reading 1 Samuel 18. 

So, what did you think? What did you learn? What were you reminded of? What did you learn about who God is? What did you learn about who you were? Did you notice about how the gospel of Jesus is echoed even through this story? 

Do you remember what we read yesterday in 1 Samuel 16? Remember that the youngest boy of Jesse was anointing as king in front of all of his brother, and then he goes into service for king Saul. This is a while after that has happened. We do not know how long, but it is a while. Do you notice what the Lord does for David. He does two things, which really are more qualities than anything else. He is faithful, and he is sovereign. He is in control. 

So, look at your life today as I look at mine. Now list some ways that the Lord has been faithful to you. Look at your life and list some ways that he has shown you he is sovereign. He has shown you that he is control.

Andrew Barnes