Summer Plan: Day 24

Hey Guys! We are back. We will be in the Brickhouse from 5:45-7:45 tonight. Come hang out with us. Eat pizza. And watch the movie Woodlawn with us tonight. 

I hope you are ready to dig into the Word this morning and read a pretty wild story. This is one of those pieces of Scripture that just blows my mind. It shows the deepest roots of sin in our lives, and when we see them it is appalling. However, it also displays the great love of our Father, who sent his son Jesus to cover those sins. 

So, go ahead and read 1 Samuel 19. Crazy, right? This story shows the first depictions of when Saul really sought to kill David. You can see the sin at the forefront. You can see the depravity of a man. You can see how fall a man can fall if you look at the life of Saul.

I was watching this movie the other day, The Bourne Identity, and if you know the movie it is about this CIA agent with amnesia, who is being hunted by the CIA for botching a job. He uses his own abilities to evade death. It is really intense, but pretty amazing. 

However, as I look at this story I think of the intensity of the situation, and I am even more amazed. David is not saved by his own prowess or tactical abilities. Rather, his salvation from his enemy comes from the Lord himself. Saul finds out where both David and Samuel are, in this little city of Naioth, and he sent men to kill him. However, all the me, and when Saul comes up, he included, begin prophesying. 

The Lord protects, takes care of, saves David. It is by his grace and love that David is saved. 

Think about your life. Think about how if you know Jesus you have been saved by his grace. Think about that today.

Andrew Barnes