Summer Plan: Day 34

It is Wednesday, which means something is happening tonight!!!

Tonight we will be playing slip n' slide kickball out at Ms. Beverly Odom's home (525 Stringer Road, Anderson, SC 29621) from 5:30-7:30 PM tonight. BE THERE!!

Also, today means that we are one day closer to finishing out 1 Samuel. Today we are going to be reading through the story of David and his men returning home to Ziklag and finding utter desolation. It is a hard story to read through, and it is very sad. However, we see the wisdom of David and the Lord's sovereignty throughout.

So, read through 1 Samuel 30 today. 

Now, since it is a quick one read through 1 Samuel 30 one more time. 

There are so many days in my life, or moments, or hours, or maybe minutes where I think that I have it all in control and my decisions are because of me, myself, and I. Does that ever happen to you? I was thinking back on my relationship with Kimberly, and in all honestly I cannot take the credit for being blessed to be able to call her my wife. 

We went from here: 

Kimberly is obviously the second from the left, and somehow I am the guy on the far right.

Kimberly is obviously the second from the left, and somehow I am the guy on the far right.

To making it to that first dance:

I sit back and read this story, and I read what the words of a few men said to David about the 200 men who were too drained to continue in the attack. However, I am more amazed by the words of David who said, "He [the LORD] protected us and handed over to us the forces that came against us." Basically David is telling them that they have no right to say that to those men that we get to decide what you receive, because it is not us who took care of anything. Rather our victory comes from the LORD.

There is a Citizens and Saints song "Hail the King" which says, "Praise the Savior, he has won...Hail the King, praise his name." The perspective we should have is right there. It is in those words right there that our minds, hearts, and souls should turn to. It is all because of Jesus.

Andrew Barnes