Summer Plan: Day 35

Remember our mission team up in Massachusetts as they are serving this entire week. Pray for safety. Pray for endurance. Pray for patience. Pray for them to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit leading them. Pray for hearts to be softened with the children, students, and adults they are serving. Pray for them to present the gospel plainly and clearly. 

Today is our last day, and it is one of the hardest chapters in the book of 1 Samuel to really read. We see the utter downfall of king Saul. We see his pain. We see how we should really react to others pain and suffering. 

So...take some time today reading and praying through 1 Samuel 31. If you want to also take the time to read through it one more time, and notice specifically the deaths that occurred and how we should respond.

Pain, suffering, death are all prevalent in our world, and they are all realities due to our sin. They will be here with us until Jesus returns, but how we respond to those things speak deeply to who we are and what we believe. What does your character look like? 

I remember like it was yesterday when I hear that one of the great pastors whom I listened to passed away in November 2005. Adrian Rogers was a phenomenal pastor and preacher, and I happened to attend church with a few of his grandchildren. I remember the pain that the entire Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) felt in those moments. I remember the pain of his family. I remember my thoughts on losing such a vital member of the conservative resurgence in SBC life, and those feelings were so feeble in comparison to his family, those he mentored, close friends, etc.

Saul was the king of Israel, though the anointing of Yahweh had left him. However, we still glimpse the pain of the people. We see Saul's pain at the loss of his sons. 

We see how we must respond. We must care for them. We must be there for them. We must be willing to listen.

Andrew Barnes