Summer Plan: Day 42


Hey guys! Make sure you are signed up to go with us to the braves games here, and then make sure you are signed up to go with us to Carowinds on August 9th here.

I hope your Thursday morning is going really well. I hope you have been able to grab some sleep, and I hope you are able to gain some rest today. If you are on vacation I applaud you for making sure that you are diving deep into the Word of God even on vacation, when it is one of the easiest times to slack off.

Today we are going to finally see the Lord fulfill his anointing on David. Go ahead and read just one chapter today,  2 Samuel 5.

Do you remember when Samuel anointed David as king? IT was all the way back in 1 Samuel 16. David was to be the king over all of Israel, Israel and Judah, and I can only imagine what was going on inside of his head at that time. He was the youngest of David's sons. 

It is absolutely wild to think about, but what comes to my mind as I continue to read and think through this narrative. It is the faithfulness of God. He is faithful to his people. How awesome to think about! If we confess and believe in Jesus, then we are his children, and if this is the case then we are told that God is faithful to his children. He will uphold us. He will provide for us. He will love us, even in those moments when we think we are unlovable. He will sustain us. He will care for us. He will discipline us, which is only for our own good. 

Think about the faithfulness of God. It is perfect.

Andrew Barnes