Summer Plan: Day 47

It is Tuesday! Make sure you come out to our last $5 Tuesday it will be awesome, and I hope you enjoy some great Italian cuisine. We will be meeting in the Brickhouse from 12-2 tomorrow. Also make sure you have signed up for both our Braves and Carowinds outings.

Today we are diving right back into the Word, and we are reading a pretty brief chapter from the book of 2 Samuel. Go ahead and enjoy 2 Samuel 8.

So, what did you think? What did you read? What did this passage teach us about who God is? What did it teach us about who we are? What does it teach us about all of humanity? 

This is one of those pretty difficult passages to grab the "One Big Idea" from. It seems like it is just a history of the conquests of David, so I found myself when I as in middle school and high school just skipping over these passage. I thought they did not apply to me. I thought they were unimportant. 

However, think about that. No one would say that the Civil War was unimportant. No one would say that what Woodrow Wilson  did in the presidential office lacked importance. Now, they might say that history is not their thing, or they might declare that history does not keep their focus. 

So, if we are going to be honest, then we cannot say that these historical passages found throughout all the Bible are not important. They might not hold our attention as keenly as the stories of Jesus, but they are still vital.

So, take the time and reread through 2 Samuel 8. Think through it. 

Andrew Barnes