Summer Plan: Day 27

Hey everyone! So, it looks like some of my posts have not been transmitting, so I am going to go back and rework those for everyone. Thank you for your patience and all of your discipline in being in the Word every single day. 

Today is another day that we are able to jump into the book of 1 Samuel, and it is definitely one of those crazy days in the life of David and Saul. Once again we read about how king Saul is seeking to destroy and kill David above anything else. He is not looking after the kingdom or the people of the kingdom, but rather his devotion is in one thing, killing David. 

So, enjoy reading through 1 Samuel 24 today. 

Now...let us do something completely different today. I want you to jump a few pages in your Bible to the first book of the New Testament. I want you to read Matthew 5:43-48, which is a famed portion of the Sermon on the Mount by Jesus. 

Bold. Really Bold. Look at how David views Saul, the man who is seeking to kill him. He still views him as king, as lord. However, as we see in verse 19 Saul does not understand this. He views David as an enemy, and he thinks that David should view him as one as well. 

However, Jesus throws all notions of enemies on their heads. The gospel should change our view on everything, even that bully, cross town rival, person we dislike, terrible coworker, etc. 

So, who is your enemy? Who is a person that you do not like? Who is a person you maybe are just indifferent towards? Now, how do you respond to them? Are you praying for them? Do you recognize that they were made in the Image of God just like you and me? Are you willing to reach out to them? To befriend them? To drop the notion that they are your enemy?

Andrew Barnes