So we are kicking off our new series this week! It is called WE ARE..., and simultaneously we are going to be kicking off our new Bible reading plan. How we do everything is going to absolutely change! We are using this acronym, that I hope all of you already use everyday: SOAP.

SOAP is simple. It stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer. So get ready and open up your Bible to Ephesians 2, because it is about to be awesome. 

Scripture: Read through Ephesians 2 with me!

Observation: What is the Lord teaching through this passage in Ephesians? What is the primary focus of this passage? Since it is a long passage it might be broken down into a few distinct passages. Take some time to stop and notice Ephesians 2:4-5. Make sure we notice how great God is. Make sure we notice how much he is in love with you. Make sure we notice that simple phrase "made us alive together with Christ." Make sure we notice his great grace. Make sure that we EMBRACE THE GRACE. Make sure that we also do not pass over v.8-10. Make sure we see that we cannot save ourselves. Make sure that we have been saved. Make sure our lives match up with what we say that we believe.

Application: This is where it should get personal. This is where we should be looking at Scripture at applying it to our lives. For me in this passage one thing that just keeps popping out over and over again is Ephesians 2:5 where it says that we are made alive together in Christ. The focus is on what Christ has done for us. He has brought us from death to life, but also do not miss out on the pronoun "us." The Christian life is meant to be done through community. We are not meant to go it alone. 

Prayer: Pray, Pray, Pray. And in all honesty the P could and even should go before the S and O and A. Throughout our time with the Lord we should be continually praying.

Andrew Barnes