THE GATHERING IS TONIGHT!! Get excited, and make sure you bring a friend, or two, or three. We are so stoked to get to see you guys tonight at 6:45 in the Brickhouse.

Remember SOAP. Also, even before you open up the Bible take a moment to pray. Take a moment to ask for a clear, focused mind. Take some time to ask for the ability to understand and know the passage. What is the focus?

Scripture: Read with me today 2 Chronicles 34. I know it might seem like a foreign book to read out of, but just trust me. It is an amazing story concerning king Josiah.

Observation: Take a look at this awesome story, which should push almost every single one of us to seek after the Lord with everything that we are. Make sure we notice the important dates in Josiah's life: at 8 years old he becomes king, at 16 he seeks after the Lord, at 20 he purges all of Judah and Jerusalem of the idols, at 26 they find the Book of the Law. Absolutely wild! Make sure we notice what Josiah does after they find the Book of the Law in v.29-33. Make sure we notice the work that it took to put to death all of those idols, around 6 years worth of work. Make sure we notice the covenant that Josiah makes with the Lord in v. 31. Make sure that the covenant reminds us of Deuteronomy 6:4-5 and Matthew 22:37-40. 

Application: Let this chapter deepen our relationship with the Lord. Make sure the personal focus comes into view for us. Don't let this just be another story about some long dead king from Israel, from Judah, from Jerusalem, but rather learn from Josiah. Learn and apply from this chapter. Look at your life and ask yourself if you happen to have any idols in your life. Ask yourself if you are loving the Lord with everything that you have, or are your holding something back. What do our lives say about us?

Prayer: As we opened up our time with the Lord, let us continue in prayer. Pray! Pray some more, and when it seems as though everything in your world might just be figured out pray even harder.


Andrew Barnes