HEY GUYS!! We are praying for all of you today as you are moving through school. Remember what we said Paul was telling us and the Ephesians in Ephesians 2: Check Your Pulse, Embrace the Grace, and to Know Your Worth. If you missed out on The Gathering last night check us out next week, same time, same place. 


Scripture: Join me today in reading through Romans 10. I absolutely love this chapter.

Observation: What is Paul talking about here? What is the focus of this chapter in Romans? What is Paul seeking to emphasize to the Romans? What is his focus for you and me? Make sure we notice Paul's love for Israel in the first few verses of chapter 10. Make sure we notice that it ties directly into his love for all people via v.14-17. Make sure we notice who that love is tied to? He loves because of Jesus. Make sure we notice how one is saved. It is by confession and belief. Make sure we notice how different Jesus is from the law given to Moses. Make sure that we see that Jesus is the fulfillment of that law, and he takes the law even further.

Application: Make it personal. See how Scripture applies to your life. Do you believe in Jesus? Are you a Christian? Have you ever confessed and believed that Jesus is the Christ, that he died on the cross for your sins [and the rest of the worlds'], that he was buried, and that on the third day after death God the father raised him from the dead? However, we then have to go deeper. What do our lives say about us? What do we say about us? What do our mouths say about us? Are we proclaiming Jesus? Do people hear us talk about Jesus?

Prayer: Pray. Pray for people we know to be saved. Pray. Pray for people to hear Jesus proclaimed through us. Pray

Andrew Barnes