GET EXCITED! It is only a four-day week of school this week and next week, so you definitely have some time to spend in the Word with us this week. It is our second week of our WE ARE... series, and it is truly going to be awesome.

If you are a high school guy make sure you and your dad, or just you if your dad cannot make it, come hangout with us this Saturday from 10-1 pm at Mr. Don and Mrs. Libby's house for a skeet shoot and some BBQ. 

Back to our focus for the day. S O A P: remember it. Think through it. 

Scripture: Open up with me today to the gospel of John. We are going to be reading through John 1 today.

Observation: What is the focus of the passage? In all honesty though, John 1 is a really long chapter, so we should be asking what are the focuses? There are multiple things for us to notice here. I am going  to just work through the first 18 verses with you guys, and then you guys can work through the rest. What do we notice about Jesus in these first few verses? What do we notice about us in these verses? (Look at v.12-13) Make sure we notice the phrase "children of God." Make sure we notice v. 16. Think about the grace that we have been given. Think about the grace we have been given today. Make sure we recognize that every day we have another breath is a day filled with grace. Make sure we see the emphasis placed on v. 17 and how it directly ties back into v. 14. In verse 17 John reveals that it is JESUS, who is the grace and truth of v. 14. 

Application: You might be sitting there thinking, "This is all about theology. This is all about Christology (the study of the Christ/Jesus). What can this have to do with me?" I would tell you it has everything to do with us! Ask yourself this, "What do I believe about Jesus?" These 18 verses teach us so much about who Jesus is. It should make us ask ourselves if we really believe in Jesus. It should make us ask ourselves if we are really living lives for Jesus, or are we just walking through life like everyone else.

Pray: Prayer is not boring. "Prayer is keeping company with God." It is our relationship with him. Do not misread that as we are keeping him company, because he does not need that from us. Rather, the opposite is true. We need his company, and through prayer he provides us that opportunity in the relationship

Andrew Barnes