IT IS TUESDAY MORNING!! So, for many of us that meant waking up really early this morning to get up and moving and to make an effort to make it to school or work on time. Awesome!

Think about the discipline you have in that. Think about the work that it takes to wake up that early everyday. Think about the work that it takes to get through the morning so you can make it to a certain place at a certain time. Now...put that effort into getting into the Word every single day. Put that effort into your daily S O A P.

Get ready for today. We are going to be reading about Israel and their unbelief. We are going to be reading about what it truly means to be children of God. How does that happen.

Scripture: Read with me through Romans 9. 

Observation: What is Paul talking to us about here? What was he talking to the Romans about a couple of thousand years ago in this passage? Do you notice the change in what he is talking about? (I hope you though, "No, there is no change," because you would definitely be right in that notion. Paul is talking about the same thing.) So, what is his focus. Make sure we notice his use of Hosea 2:23 in v. 25-26. Make sure we notice v. 16. Mercy is not dependent upon man is it? Make sure we notice v.24. Who is salvation for? Who can be saved? 

Application: This is another segment where you might be thinking of how it can possibly apply to you, but I would say we definitely need to see the challenge in all of it. Do we know Scripture well enough to allow passages from Malachi, Exodus, Hosea, Isaiah, and Genesis to come to our mind? Paul did. As or the Scripture itself and its focus, we should be encouraged and challenged to remember that God is in control. When we have major decisions, are really sick, are doing awesome, etc. we should be reminded that God is in control. Also, we should notice and think through the fact that God has not called people only from Israel, but he has called people who are Gentiles as well, you and me; however, as we read in the next chapter, Romans 10, how can those called be saved unless someone tells them about Jesus and the gospel. We should live lives that proclaim the gospel to our family, our co-workers, our friends, our teachers, our coaches, our neighbors.

Pray: Don't let this be the one part of your daily S O A P that you spend the least amount of time in. Pray for your friends. Pray for your family. Pray for your church. Pray for yourself. Pray. Pray. Pray.

Andrew Barnes