I hope you guys are awake and moving this morning. We are praying for you as the school year finishes up.

We loved having you guys at The Gathering last night, and if you missed it, then know that we truly missed you. Hopefully you will make it out for our second week of our GO! series, which begins next Wednesday night. 

Last night we hit home with how we are to GO!, but before any of that boldness can stem forth from any one of us we have to RECEIVE POWER. We actually have to have a relationship with God. What do our relationships look like? Are we keeping our eyes on the prize, with the prize being Jesus himself. 

Scripture: Take some time this morning, or for some of you guys maybe this evening, and read through Romans 10 today. 

Observation: Notice the words of Paul here. Notice his focus. Notice how he completely emphasizes the importance of salvation. Make sure we notice how important it is for us to proclaim the good news. Make sure that we notice how vital people are to God. Make sure we notice how important people are in proclaiming the good news. Make sure we notice v.9-10. Make sure we see what true faith is. Make sure we see the love Paul has for the Israelites, his people. 

Application: Make this personal. Do not just flit with surface level depth, but rather dig deep. Ask yourself the hard questions. Who are people that we dearly love? Who are people that we dearly love, but they are also people who do not believe in Jesus? How are we reaching out to them? How are we proclaiming the gospel to them? Are we pushing people closer to Jesus, or are we pushing them away? 

Pray: Pray for people today. Pray for people to interact with and to be bold with. Pray for people placed into your life to push you to focus on Jesus and be bold. Pray that your life and your deeds make the right statement. Maybe it is a friend. Maybe it is a family member. Pray for them throughout the entire day.

Andrew Barnes