It is the beginning of our fourth week in our WE ARE... series, which means i know that all of you are super stoked. This means that it is almost Spring Break for you guys. One week of school before break. So, continue to press on. Press on in school. Press on in your personal lives. Press on in your spiritual lives. 

Dig deep! Dig into the Word of God. Spend time with Him. Have a relationship with him, which in all honesty is absolutely crazy to think through. The creator of this world wants you to know Him deeply. 

Last week we spoke about WE ARE...AMBASSADORS. This week is going to be a little bit different in nature. 

Remember SOAP. 

Scripture: Take some time out of this dreary, dark, and rainy day to dig into the Bible with me. We are going to be reading through Philippians 4. 

Observation: Notice who Paul is speaking to here. Notice what he tells the brothers. Notice specific ideas such as  rejoicingbring everything to the Lord in prayerknowing the peace of Godknowing what our need are and what our wants are, contentment, and giving God the glory forever. These are just a few things that stuck out directly to me. Observe some more. 

Application: Make it personal. Do not just read through these words of Paul and think that they are not for you. How are you rejoicing on a daily basis? How can your prayer life improve? Who are you praying for? Are you content where the Lord has you in life right now: in school, at home, at work, on the sports team? Where does the glory that you give go?

Pray: One word: PRAY! 

Andrew Barnes