FRIDAY IS HERE!! That means that you have one day to make to impact someone else's life, to tell someone about Jesus, to live for Jesus, to push for excellence in school before your Spring Break will begin. Are we going to be focused on us and just trying to survive the day, or do we want more out of Christianity? Do we expect more out of ourselves.

Start the day off right! Dig deep into the word. 

Remember S O A P!!!

Scripture: Read with me today 1 John 4. This is one of those chapters that is quoted all the time in sermons, teaching times, small group, etc., but is it a chapter that we know? Is it a chapter that we live out?

Observation: What do you notice? What is the focus that John is pushing to? Can we tell the difference between true biblical teaching and teaching that is false? What do we know about what our friends believe? What do we know about their denomination's or religion's beliefs? If we want to talk about Jesus with them, then should we not have some knowledge of their worldview? Then make sure we notice love? What is it? Is love a feeling? Is it some emotion? Or is there more to it?

Application: Do we love the way that God loved? Are we willing to set everything aside for God? Are we willing to love anyone? Are we willing to talk to anyone about Jesus? Or are we keeping Jesus all to ourselves? V. 16 always pushes me out of the comfort zone. It always makes me ask myself if I am living in love. Are you living in love?

Pray: Spend some time praying for yourself. Spend some time today praying for an opportunity to talk about Jesus today. Spend some time praying for Spring Break: travel, friends, being real with people, making real "pleasing to God" decisions [not those that leave you feeling embarrassed, ashamed, and guilty], to take time out of your day to dig deep in the Word.

Andrew Barnes