I hope you guys are awake and moving this DREARY morning. Only a couple more days in the school week, and then the end of the school year is quickly coming to an end. Make sure you keep up with all of our awesome happenings this summer. You can find all of them here.

We loved having you guys at The Gathering last night, and if you missed it, then know that we truly missed you. Hopefully you will make it out for our last week of our TRUE series, which finishes next Wednesday night. 

Last night we began our TRUE series off by talking about stories, scripture, and questions. Kimberly and I loved having the opportunity to share our stories with you guys. We loved talking about what the Bible specifically says about relationships. 

Scripture: Take some time this morning, or for some of you guys maybe this evening, and read through Hebrews 11 today. 

Observation: Take and make sure we notice that massive word used throughout the entire chapter. This is a sweet chapter. IT goes through the "hall of faith." You might be thinking, "Andrew, what does this have to do with relationships? What does this have to do with me?" Make sure you notice each of the people spoken of. Make sure you notice how each of them is spoken of. Make sure that you notice how each of them interacted with God. What was their relationship with God like? What was their faith in him like? 

Application: Make this personal. Do not just flit with surface level depth, but rather dig deep. Ask yourself the hard questions. What is my relationship with God like at this present moment? AM I just going through the motions? OR am I even a smidgen like these people spoken of in the hall of faith?

Pray: Pick one person to pray for today. Maybe it is a friend. Maybe it is a family member. Pray for them throughout the entire day.

Andrew Barnes