I hope you guys are awake and moving this morning. Only one more day in the school week after today. You guys can do it for sure. We are praying for you as the school year finishes up.

We loved having you guys at our LAST for the school year Gathering last night, and if you missed it, then know that we truly missed you. Make sure you sign up for our Gravitopia All-Nighter here.

Last night you heard from Chayne and Jennifer Wells. You heard a bit from their personal stories, and you heard what their story became when they started dating up until this point. That point being having been married for ten years, and they have two amazing children. You also had some Q and A time with them and with Kimberly and Andrew to finish the night up.

Scripture: Take some time this morning, or for some of you guys maybe this evening, and read through Ephesians 4 today. 

Observation: So Ephesians 4 is not a short quick chapter, that some of the epistles' chapters are. So, make sure you take some time reading through this passage today, and focus through all of it. Make sure we notice the very beginning of the chapter. We are told some things that we have to confess and believe in as Christians: one church, one Spirit, one hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptist, one God and Father. Make sure we notice the importance of GRACE. Make sure we notice that the chapter continues and it talks about what salvation looks like. Make sure we notice that there should be a visible difference in people after salvation. They should put off the old self, and they should put off the new self. Make sure we notice and spend time MEMORIZING v.32.

Application: Make this personal. Do not just flit with surface level depth, but rather dig deep. Ask yourself the hard questions. Where is our faith? How are we viewing people? What do we believe are essential beliefs in Christianity? Are we quick to love people? Are we quick to forgive people? Are we quick to be kind to everyone?

Pray: Pick one person to pray for today. Maybe it is a friend. Maybe it is a family member. Pray for them throughout the entire day.

Andrew Barnes