Women’s Missionary Union

      “Laborers together with God”
               1st Corinthians 3:9

Annual Theme: “Called to Love”

The goal of WMU is to guide the women of our church to understand the mission of God in the world and how He wants us to be a part of His plan. First, loving God with all we have; then, out of that love, responding to the needs of others. Please join us in loving God above all things, and reflecting that love in service to others.

Our Missions Focus—

  • Pray for and give to missions

  • Do missions

  • Learn about missions

  • Develop spiritually toward a missions lifestyle

  • Participate in the work of the church and denomination

Our Missions Opportunities—

Bible Study Group—Day Meetings

Prayer Group—Day Meetings

Mission Action Groups

  • Night Mission Group

  • Covered in Prayer (Quilting Group)

  • Good News Club Support Group

  • Day Missions Group– **Under Construction**

Please contact Jane Davis for more information.