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(864) 225-4621


worship hours

Sunday Morning: 

9:15: Small Groups

10:30: Worship (Sanctuary) & Children's Worship (Brickhouse)


Sunday Evening: 

5:30: Traditional Worship (Fellowship Hall), Abide (Brickhouse), 


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1012 Concord Road
Anderson, SC, 29621
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(For Application to be complete, a background check must be run on each applicant. Please pick up a Background Check form from Shirley Martin, Vanessa Burgess, or Andrew Barnes in the main church office. A copy of a picture I.D. must accompany the Background Check form.)

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Name, Relationship, Address, Phone Number
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By checking this box, I recognize that the of Concord Baptist Church are relying on the accuracy of the information contained in this application. Accordingly, I attest and affirm that all of the information that I have provided is true, complete and correct. In the event that my application is accepted and I become a volunteer for Concord Baptist Church, I agree to abide by and be bound by the bylaws, policies and procedures of Concord Baptist Church, the policies of the church, and to refrain from inappropriate conduct in the performance of my duties on behalf of Concord Baptist Church. I have read the Mission and Vision Statements of Concord Baptist Church in its entirety, and am fully aware of its contents. I fully support the statements as written without reservation. * *