Bill's Blog / January 2019

What Were the Jobs of the Disciples?

If I were to ask you to identify the 12 Disciples, how many could you name?  We know Peter, James, and John.  Most would remember Judas for not so good reasons.  Some would remember Thomas, maybe Matthew…many would say Mark, Luke and Paul…they would be wrong.

Let’s say you could name all 12.  Could you tell me something they did to enhance the Kingdom of God?  We probably remember more negative than positive about them.  Peter denied Jesus, cut off guard’s ear, sank walking on water.  Judas betrayed Jesus.  Thomas doubted the resurrection. James and John asked for the place of honor in Heaven.  Matthew was a despised tax collector.

To be fair, Peter preached at Pentecost, Andrew brought the loves and fish to Jesus, John was there to take care of Mary after Jesus’ death, Acts does name certain healings, preaching, etc.  Yet how many positive things can we really name the Disciples did to forward the Kingdom?  Truth be known, we probably can’t name anything, good or bad, that most of the Disciples did.  Did Jesus pick a bunch of fuddy-duddies for Disciples?  Did they miss out on what He called them to do?

We don’t know what it is the Disciples did, necessarily.  We can’t even name all 12 of the guys responsible for carrying the church Jesus established forward, but the church is still strong today.  They apparently did their jobs.

We read things like, “Go prepare the upper room”, “Go get the donkey I’m to ride”, “Bring the children to Me”, “Go wait in Jerusalem, Dad has something for you.”  I’m sure they were asked to do ‘ministerial’ things as well, but many of the jobs Jesus had for them seemed simple-maybe even insignificant.

My point, Jesus knew why He called them.  He knew what jobs He had in store for them.  He knew these were the right guys to carry His church forward…even though we can’t name any of their responsibilities.  That doesn’t matter.  Jesus knew what they were asked to do.  Their jobs were between Him and them.  As long as they followed what He was asking them to do they didn’t have to worry about if anyone else knew what they were doing or not.

Jesus is calling you.  He has a plan for your life.  “All the days ordained for you were written in His books before even one came to be.”  Psalm 139:16.  It doesn’t matter if anyone else knows what you are doing or not.  It matters if you hear-obey what Jesus/HS is saying to you each and every day.  Hearing and obeying is acting in faith. Heb 11:6 Without faith it is impossible to please God… Rom 14:23 Everything that does not come from faith is sin. Our biggest job is doing what He says to us throughout each day.  “Write that note, make that call, speak to them, do that job, give to that”…

In the upcoming year, commit to recognizing Jesus’ voice.  Spend time alone with Him every day.  Learn to recognize His voice above all other voices throughout the day.  Commit to obeying what He says, no matter what it is.  That’s the only way to really please Him.

That way we are always walking in faith.  We are always where He wants us to be doing whatever He wants us to do.  It doesn’t matter if anyone else knows what we are doing for the Kingdom or not.  We are following Jesus’ commands.  We are doing the work He is telling us to do.  We will be part of carrying the church forward whether anyone else knows or not.  BTW, you ARE part of His plan.

Betty Routhieaux