Bill's Blog / April 2019

Ever made a decision you felt God leading you to, just to question it later because many around you disagreed?  That shouldn’t surprise you.  If you made your decision consulting Holy Spirit, you heard a voice the world can’t hear.  His ways of thinking are different from the world’s.  Isaiah 55:8 "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD.

Are God’s ways always right/best?  (Of course, they are.)  Why would we let the opinions of the world cause us to question what was told us by Almighty God?  Why would anyone tell God, ‘No thanks, I think I’ll do what the world says.’?

We have access to the wisdom of All-Knowing God, yet we go against what He says because we are afraid of being rejected by people who think with an inferior world logic.  The world doesn’t even have access to God’s ways of thinking. (They can’t hear HS) They don’t even know Him.  Yet we’ll reject what God says so as not to go against the world and it’s thinking.  What kind of sense does that make? 

No matter how much persecution we get from the world, I would rather hear “Well done…” from God than anything the world has to offer.  ‘Going against the crowd’ can be hard, but see what happens now/eternity when you decide to go against God…actually, I hope you never have to see that!

Another word of advice…Act on God’s convictions immediately. Don’t consult advice from the world.  Not following God may not bring His wrath at that particular moment, but it will lead a step away from Him.  After several steps away, we will become hardened to what He said originally as we ‘think’ like the world, not listening to Him.  After a while we end up somewhere we never wanted to be, simply because we didn’t follow what He said the first time.

The only way to get back where God desires is to listen to HS conviction, agree with Him, get it right this time.  Now you have gone farther down the world’s road and the decision to follow God/go against the world will be harder than before.

Always listen as He speaks.  Obey immediately.  Never trust the world’s opinions over God’s.  They can’t even hear His voice.  How do they know what’s right?  Maybe you don’t trust your ability to hear HS properly.  Spend more quality time with Him to learn His voice from all others.  Remember, too, He has much of what He wants to say to us in writing…His Word never changes.  Never choose the world’s opinions over the Wisdom of God.  (It is written…)  The eventual outcome is never good when we do.

Betty Routhieaux