Bill's Blog / May 2019

If I were to ask you to define ‘Prayer’, you would probably say something like, “Talking to God.”  My Momma taught me to pay attention to the little words.  Instead of talking ‘to’ God, let’s define prayer as talking ‘with’ God.  Prayer is meant to be conversational.  It’s 2-way communication.  You actually shouldn’t do more talking than listening when praying.  As a matter of fact, when you think who has the most wisdom to share, we should probably do a lot more listening than talking when praying.  And guess what?  We don’t have to agree with what God says when we pray.  He will speak things we don’t tend to like, but He’s much smarter than we are and we need to be the one listening and agreeing with what He says instead of implying He’s wrong by getting angry over an answer we disagree with.

Of course, we can pray anywhere at any time, but we need to be sure we are setting aside plenty of ‘alone’ time to talk with God.  If I’m trying to pray with Him while lots of other distractions are happening around me, who knows which ‘voice’ I’ll listen to.  Getting alone where it is just me and Him talking will give me a much better chance of hearing Him properly.

Another thing.  We tend to set the time and place we pray.  We tell God, “I’m ready to speak now.  I want You to listen.”  What if God wants to speak at another time?  What if He tries to get our attention when we are doing something totally different from praying?  ‘Talking with God’ can’t always be on our time.  He’ll try to get our attention at other times throughout the day.  He’ll tell us things He needs us to do at times/in places we least expect it.

Paul says simply, “Pray without ceasing…”  AKA, keep your communication open with God at all times.  Train your Spirit to listen for His Spirit speaking at any time, in any place.  Alone time is beneficial when trying to hear God’s voice, but knowing that He’s trying to get my attention throughout a busy day is necessary as well.

We approach God over ‘important’ matters and don’t pay nearly as much attention at other times.  Why do we tell God what’s important and what’s not?  We would pray over bringing a Graham Crusade to town, but would probably overlook God telling us to speak to the guy sitting near us at the Chic-Fil-A.  Just know, if God’s telling you to speak to someone, it’s as important as bringing a crusade to town.  God never gives us insignificant assignments.  We just treat them as such by not even listening when He speaks them to us.

Prayer is speaking with God…any time/any place…He wants to carry on conversation.  We don’t get to tell Him when or where.  We don’t even get to be the one to always start the conversation.  Don’t miss it when Almighty God wants to talk with you.

Betty Routhieaux