Bill's Blog / June 2019

The Loneliest Number

Three Dog Night (Yes, I was a rocker back in the day…) used to sing, “One is the loneliest number you will ever know…”  And they were right.  Even the Scripture says, “It’s not good for man to be alone…” That’s when marriage/family began. We are made for relationships.  That explains why we love being around others…we go out to eat with friends and have a great time doing so.  We are social beings and need relationships.

That’s leads us to want badly to be accepted by others.  When you think about it, that creates a set of problems in itself.  We, flawed people, try to have our needs met by relationships with flawed people.  Every friend has flaws…except one.  That, of course, would be Jesus.  He has no flaws. The only flaws in the relationship are mine…and He’s willing to cover these with His Grace.  He loves us unconditionally.

So, a relationship with Jesus meets all my needs!  Yes and no.  In John 17 Jesus prayed that Father would make us One with Him (Jesus) as He is One with Father… and ‘One is the loneliest number there could ever be.’

When I become “One” with Jesus I’m shunned by the world.  I put myself on an island.  I begin the trek down the ‘narrow road’ that only a few choose.  Becoming One with Jesus makes me a lonely person in many respects.  I have to choose if I want to be friends with the world or One with Jesus.  Look how James words it…

James 4:4 You adulterous people, don't you know that friendship with the world is hatred toward God? Anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.

That’s one reason the church is so important.  We can become One with others who are becoming One with Jesus.  They, at least, accept us on our journey…but even they are flawed people.  Jesus is the only ‘unflawed’ relationship we can have, and that makes us ‘One’.

Are we willing to be ‘lonely’ for God?  Does our relationship with Him mean more than any earthly relationship?  ‘Seek Him first and He’ll meet all your needs.’  Compromising our ‘Oneness’ with Him lessens what He wants to do in our lives.  Know you will be misunderstood and shunned to a degree when you commit to a relationship with Jesus…but that’s really the reason we were born.  ‘It’s not good to be alone.’  Friends are good, but friendship, a relationship, Oneness with Jesus, is best.  “One” with Him is the most fulfilling number for all eternity.


Betty Routhieaux