Orrville Ministry

I think it was 2005 when several of our college students went to Philadelphia on a Spring Break Mission Trip with Clemson University. They did several “random acts of kindness” while there, one of which was feeding homeless folks on a street corner.  They came home excited and wanted us to do something similar in Anderson.  We decided to try it ONCE and have been doing so ever since that time.

Each Monday during the Spring, Summer and early Fall (basically daylight saving time) we set up a grill in the parking lot of Orrville Baptist Church and cook meals for the needy.  We have several homeless folks as well as other needy individuals and families who eat with us each week.  We also take plates to several shut-ins in the community.

Our volunteers meet in the parking lot at 5:30, set up, cook, serve, and minister to folks as needs are determined.  We have made several great friendships through this time together.

For those who can’t physically attend but would still like to help out, donations of money for food, soft drinks and other food items that are individually wrapped and won’t spoil, paper products, and so forth are appreciated.