It is the dream of a church committed to carrying the gospel to every tribe and tongue, beginning at home and extending to the ends of the earth.

It is the dream of a ministry that disciples with a purpose for the growth of believers in doctrine, character, skills and vision.

It is the dream of a church that worships in spirit and truth using the gifts and talents God gives to us, with a variety of styles, yet driven by the centrality of preaching the Word of God.

It is the dream of a fellowship that expresses God’s new community on earth with a diversity of ages, races, and backgrounds.

It is a dream of a church where members are in small groups for the purposes of growing, fellowshipping, serving, and accountability.

It is the dream of a home campus that is a resource for our people as well as for other churches in our region and nation.

It is the dream of multi-campuses to reach multiple types of persons in our region under the direction and authority of our leadership.

It is the dream of developing ministries through which our people advance into the world to do good and to proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God. (John 20:21; Mark 1: 14-15; Acts 10: 37-38).

It is the dream of working together with other evangelical believers to give a unified witness for Christ.


(1) Committed to engage the world for Christ
(2) Obedient to His Great Commission
(3) Nurturing believers to become fully devoted followers of Christ
(4) Celebrating Jesus’ life by serving in His ministries
(5) Offering dynamic and relevant worship to magnify and glorify God
(6) Remembering the past, but reaching for the future
(7) Driven to be an agent of change for God in our world.



A Bible believing Church serving Anderson, South Carolina and the surrounding area of Anderson County, South Carolina. Concord Baptist Church is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention, the South Carolina Baptist Convention, and the Saluda Baptist Association. Concord Baptist supports the Mission activities locally, in our State, an active participant in the North American Mission Board Activities and the International Mission Program of the Southern Baptist Convention.