Worship Info

Sundays: 10:30 am & 5:30 pm

What Should I Expect?

In our morning service, we seek to have a blended form of worship. Concord is blessed to have many gifted people to lead us in singing praise to the Lord. We use a blend of hymns and choruses in our congregational singing. We are also led by a wonderful choir, orchestra, and praise team. The Word of God is kept central in our worship through the messages of our pastor. The messages are textually based with contemporary application. Outlines are placed on our large screens to make it easier to follow the pastor. Some of the more recent sermons are available elsewhere on this website, along with the Power Points that accompany them. Our evening service is more traditional in the music format. We utilize more hymns in this service. The messages in the evening service are expository in nature.

What Should I Wear?

People dress in a variety of styles at Concord. We do not have a dress code, either spoken or unspoken, as far as style is concerned. Our only expectation is that persons seek to be modest in dress as we gather for the public worship of the Lord.

Who Is The Audience?

Our worship gatherings are built around an audience of One. Our goal is through the Holy Spirit to worship the Lord in Spirit and in truth. He is the audience. The leaders are here to aid the congregation to praise the Lord, to give to the Lord, to pray to the Lord, and to give attention to His Word.

What Is The Goal?

Our goal is to worship the Lord with a sense of joy and victory that is ours through the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Our goal is to love and worship God with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength. We also seek to call people among us who are not yet believers to give their lives to Christ. We leave worship with a determination to live for Christ in the world, and to advance the kingdom of God in every sphere of human existence.