Day 11: You Don't Know

Read Matthew 24-25

So...Kimberly and I were in Indiana over the Christmas break, and the wonderful yet scary game, made by Hasbro, name known as 'Pie Face,' was being played. The gist of the game is that you spin an arrow to know how many times you twist a piece, and you might or you might not have whip cream in your face. Needless to say...I beat the game and did not get pied. 

So, take a look at Matthew 24:36-51. Read it again and again. Focus on the passage. Today's devotion is very brief. Once again we have the words of Jesus. Jesus is reminding us that we do not know the hour when he will return. 

For those who don't believe in Jesus it should cause a stir in their hearts, but if you are a Christian you should be overjoyed for yourself. It is a joy to be reminded of the gospel and that Jesus died on the cross for you and me. That way we become adopted into the family of God. We are his children. 

Jesus tells us that he is coming back for us. He is coming back to make all things new. He is coming back to bring us home with him. 

However, it should also push us. We do not know the hour, and we have friends, maybe family, who don't know Jesus. We should be sharing the gospel with them. We should be living lives that show how we are different as his children.

So...remember that Jesus is coming back. Remind yourself of the gospel, and Jesus is coming back for you and me. Remind yourself that you don't know when, and that should push you to share about Jesus with as many people as possible. 

Andrew Barnes