Day 15: What A Great God!

Read Mark 4-5

So, we were booking it. We were trying to make it completely across the Caribbean in one day on a cruise ship. So, the cruise ship was topping out at almost 24 knots, and all the passengers were being tossed to and fro. Almost everyone was feeling sick, and I was not quite sure why. This seemed normal. 

I don;t know if you have ever been out in the middle of the ocean or a large lake and a storm hit. The waves are massive, and everything seems to be caving in on you. Now, picture that same scene and you are in a wooden boat. These cruise ships and yachts dwarf those ships. 

Now go ahead and read Mark 4:35-40 again. Take the time to actually read it. Pull it all in.  What is the focus? What is the emphasis of the entire passage?

I would say that the emphasis is two fold: 

1. The lack of faith of the disciples, specifically in a troubling circumstance. 

2. The Greatness of Jesus. The Greatness of God. 

When is the last time you were in a hard situation? When was the last time you thought that you couldn't even take one more step? When is the last time that you thought all was lost, that your life was over? Or, maybe when is the last time you were in a situation and you didn't know what to do? Where did you turn? Where did you go for help?

Look here! Look at the greatness of our Savior King named Jesus. He is in the middle of sleeping, and he is awoken. All he does is stand up in the boat and he tells the sea "Peace! BE still!," but it gets better. The sea actually listened to the awe of the disciples and myself. The sea, with its massive waves crashing into the tiny wooden boat, and the roaring wind paid attention to this man named Jesus. He took care of his disciples in one of those moments when they thought all was lost. 

So, what about you? Turn to Jesus. Believe in him. See his greatness. Know that he is taking care of you, even in those hard moments. Have faith in him alone.


Andrew Barnes