Day 17: Confession


Read Mark 8-10

One of the craziest things going on in today's society is the stealing of other people's identities. It is reported that every year more than 9 million people have their identity stolen. So, not just their name, but also their social security name, address, credit cards, etc. are stolen. It is crazy!

Take a look and Read Mark 8:27-30 one more time. This is just as crazy as people getting their identity stolen, and if we are being honest it is even more crazy. 

This is one of the brief moments in the gospels that Matthew, Mark, and Luke all detail to some extent, and in all honesty it can be a blip on our radar. It can be something that we read over very quickly. Yet, there is so much here. 

To begin with Peter confesses who Jesus is. He says that he is the Christ. Now, Peter might not know all that entails, but we do. We know that that means Jesus is the anointed one. He is the Savior. He is King. He is Lord. He deserves all of our glory and our praise, and he should be first in every situation in our lives. you confess Jesus as your Lord and Savior to begin with? Or is Jesus just some guy to you? 

Then for all those out there that say, "Yes! Jesus is my Savior King, who is Lord over my life.," then are you confessing Jesus in every moment of your life. IS he first in every moment? Or is he first only when it is convenient for you?

Andrew Barnes