Day 21: It Might Be A Hard Knock Life, But...

So, if you have ever seen the movie Annie, then you know exactly where the title of today's devotion comes from. If you haven't seen the movie, then I recommend you go take a look at it. The film is based off of a Broadway musical, which was based off of a comic strip by Harold Gray, and it all surrounds an orphan girl during the Great Depression named Annie. 

Now, I want you to think of the hardest moment in your life. Then I want you to take and write down what you did after that moment. 

Now, go read Luke 1:46-56. We all seemingly know the story of Jesus' birth, and we know the back story as well. We know that Mary was betrothed to Joseph, but not yet married, when the angel came to tell her that she was with child, Jesus. So, in that culture Mary could have been put to death, but Joseph after having an Angel came to him also he stayed and loved Mary. 

For a thirteen-year-old girl this by far was probably the most trying time in her life. It was probably the most difficult thing she had been through. It was hard, but how did she respond? How did she move forward?

Those eleven verses you just read tell it all. She sang. She sang about how her soul glorifies the Lord. She sang about how great God is, and how he thinks of even his humble servants. She sings of his mercy. She sings about how he takes care of his people. She sings about how he is powerful and awesome. 

Man! That is the type I want to have when I experience difficult things in my life, and it all comes back to knowing who God is and what he has done for you and me. Get into the Bible! Jump in deep this week. Know what he has done for you.

Andrew Barnes