Day 22: Miraculous Work

Whenever I read the healing miracles of Jesus in any of the gospels I am always brought back to the wonder of who Jesus is, but even more what he has done and does. 

Look at and read again Luke 4:38-41. 

What is happening here? He leaves the synagogue where the people from his hometown were trying to kill him, but it gets even better. He heads straight for Simon Peter's home. He find's Simon Peter's mother to be sick with a high fever, so what does Jesus do? Does he leave her to be? Does he allow her to stay sick? No, Jesus does not love to see pain and suffering. He heals her. 

Keep reading though. Does it end there? No it does not. IT is the end of the day, people are supposed to be inside eating and resting, but what are they doing instead. It says that they are bringing all those who are "sick with various diseases" to him. He heals them all. He casts out demons as well. 

So...look at how the gospel ties directly to this. No matter where you are at in life, whether you have a physical illness, or are sick with the flu, or are sick with sin Jesus cares deeply. Jesus did not just heal people in this life, but rather he came, lived, and died so that you might be healed from your spiritual ailment, sin. 

So...know that you can always turn to Jesus. You can always cast your cares upon him. You can trust in him.

Andrew Barnes